CIQAP Projects

Achieve a self-institutional capacity for continuous development to grantee the qualification for accreditation by

  • Program development with a specific standards compatible with quality assurance and accreditation requirements.
  • Developing the higher institution system to be compatible with new learning systems.
  • Raising the efficiency of scientific research.
  • Disseminating the continuous development culture by holding seminars, workshops and meetings.
  • Communication with international, regional and national Authorities interested in education development.
  • Providing technical support for universities and faculties to set their strategic plans within the frame of total quality.
  •  Encouraging the faculties to apply for accreditation. 

Expected Outcomes from the CIQAP Projects

  • A well-trained Competencies and expertise who are able to plan, implement, follow up and evaluate work.
  • Strategic plans which are prepared, adopted and implemented by the faculties.
  • Direct and indirect cooperation between the faculties and the society stakeholders to form and develop the academic and research programs, and participation in the educational and research process.
  • Academic and institutional reference standards adopted by the faculties.
  • Qualified and developed faculties, obtained accreditation.

Mansoura University obtained (6 CIQAP Projects) as a first stage in 2008:-

(Faculty of Medicine - Faculty of Pharmacy-Faculty of Nurse- Faculty of Agriculture -Faculty of Science - Faculty of Physical Education)

Mansoura University obtained (1CIQAP Project) as a second stage in 2009:-

(Faculty of Engineering)

Mansoura University obtained (2CIQAP Projects) as a third stage in 2009:-

(Faculty of Veterinary -Faculty of Science – Damietta)


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