The meeting of Mansoura University President with the directors of the quality Assurance units

On Wednesday 27th  March 2013, both Prof/ Saied Abdel-Khalek - President of Mansoura University, and Prof/ Asmaa Abd Al Moneam - Director of Mansoura University Quality Assurance and Assessment Center, held a meeting with the directors of Quality Assurance Units to discuss all issues related to quality in their faculties and to identify the difficulties that they face in achieving quality and reaching academic accreditation and trying to solve it, as well as giving the opportunity for all university quality representatives to clarify the existing situation and determine each faculty’s position and the way to accreditation.

The University President pointed out the importance of disseminating the culture of quality among all faculty staff members, their assistants, administrators and students, and the necessity of everyone’s participation in the quality process.

emphasizing that teamwork, cooperation, perseverance and dedication by each individual in the institution is what will lead it to accreditation and excellence, as quality is not achieved by those concerned with it only, but is it is the duty of every individual in the institution, stressing that faculty staff members are the front of Mansoura University and their responsibility is to maintain the university’s distinguished position and advance it in all local, Arab and International forums.

The presence thanked the president of Mansoura University for the meeting and giving the opportunity to listen to their demands and suggestions, and study the difficulties that some may face in achieving quality, as well as praising what the quality units achieved in some faculties of a distinguished level to achieve accreditation.



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